October 12 2022
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 Meet Yessi Romero: From property manager to project coordinator

Yessi Romero attended University of Arizona where she studied psychology. She brings six years of property management experience to the LaunchPM team. In her new role as a project coordinator, she’s excited to transfer her skillset into the world of construction project management.

Recently, we got to chance to catch up with the busy project coordinator and learn more about her aspirations to succeed in the industry and how she deals with project challenges. Take a look at what Yessi has to say:

Tell us about a day in the life of an Assistant Project Coordinator for LaunchPM.

Every day has a rhythm, but the tempo definitely changes. I usually arrive at the office before my team which allows me to go through my emails and prioritize tasks. This helps me organize my day better and I can see what projects need my attention in the immediate. It also gives me time to complete follow-ups or other reports to help the project managers stay on track. Some days it’s GO GO, GO, all day, especially when I’m out of the office and on-site doing a construction walk through with the team. I’m still new to the company and learning a lot. I love getting to know the intricate details of each project type and providing support where it is needed.

What aspects of your job do you most enjoy?

I enjoy working with my team the most! I love getting to know them and learning from each one of them. They all come from different career backgrounds and have extensive experience and insight to offer. I’m eager to learn and just want to be a sponge, working to absorb as much of their knowledge as possible. We also work from an incredible space on the top floor of Camelback Tower. The view from our office is gorgeous, so that’s also a plus!

When you are faced with a challenging project or task, what do you do to make sure the project stays on track?

The first thing I do is to write down what the task is and what I need to do to accomplish it. This gives me a better understanding of any gaps of clarity or expertise I may need to get the job done. It allows me to either leverage my resources by researching and reviewing against previous projects or to take a step back and acknowledge that I need to reach out to someone on the team to provide assistance.

Ultimately, I respect the timeline of each project and make sure I’m communicating with my team to ensure I know which tasks take precedence over others. Prioritizing and then completing that task, prior to moving on to the next.

What qualities do you think are most important for someone wanting to pursue a career in construction project management?

The willingness to take initiative and the hunger to learn are two important qualities.  This industry is ever changing, which requires a person that is willing to adapt. While there are similar tasks, each project can be completely different. There are some elements that are consistent, while no two days on the job or projects are exactly the same.

Any advice for someone looking to get into construction project management?

My advice is simple, start every day with an open mind and a positive attitude. A career in construction project management is challenging but it’s also rewarding, especially when you are there to witness the process and be involved in the progress of a project from day one to completion. No matter what the day holds, each day is spent learning something new and that in itself is amazing!

When you are not at work, how do you like spending your time?

I am an avid reader, so I enjoy spending time at Barnes and Nobles or other local bookstores to see what new books pique my interest. I also consider myself a foodie, so I really like trying out new restaurants, and there’s an abundance of options here in Phoenix. Overall, I’m still fairly new to the area, so I’m always looking for opportunities to explore and see what fun adventures and experiences are out there!

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

As nervous as I’d be, I would love to have dinner with and learn from Emma Watson. I grew up watching her as Hermione in Harry Potter and I always admired her intelligence and bravery but the woman behind the character is even more impressive and deserves all the recognition she’s gotten. She’s unproblematic and so well-spoken. If I could have even a fraction of her grace, I would be grateful.

If you would like to learn more about how Yessi and the LaunchPM team can work with your company on a tenant improvement or large commercial construction project, please get in touch. We’d be happy to answer any questions and work with you to .

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