June 16 2022
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LaunchPM Manages Tenant Improvement of CND Life Sciences Facility

CND Life Sciences specializes in testing that helps detect markers in the peripheral nervous systems that are now recognizable thanks to recent innovations in modern medicine. LaunchPM is proud to work with CND Life Sciences, as the company looks to advance medical research, testing and improved treatment for patients diagnosed with diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and other neuronal disorders or dysfunctions.

Features of New Space

CND selected an existing space totaling 9,485 SF, for its new facility. Once it’s complete, the space will house the company’s executive offices, a research lab, analytical lab, conference labs, RND pathology lab, and blood labs. The expansion of CND Life Sciences facility is designed to support the company’s mission to continue to study and provide innovative testing and research for neurodegenerative disease. Construction is currently underway and targeted for completion in Fall of 2022.

It’s in Their DNA

CND Life Sciences was founded in 2017 by three physicians dedicated to developing less invasive and more convenient testing options for diagnosing disease and offering the opportunity for better outcomes. CND developed tests that use small skin biopsies and advanced laboratory techniques and neuroimaging to detect abnormalities which may be indicative of neurological disease. Currently, CND has an NIH-funded research project called the Synuclein-One Study. The study focuses on 300 participants who have already been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, multiple system atrophy, dementia with Lewy bodies or pure autonomic failure versus 200 healthy participants as a control group. The results of the study will be utilized to advance the clinical use and application of the Syn-One Test for neurology practices and patients worldwide.

Construction Management Expertise

LaunchPM has extensive construction project management experience working with companies and organizations in the healthcare sector.  The team also has experience managing projects for higher education, hospitality, office, manufacturing and nonprofits. If your business or a company you know needs an experienced and knowledgeable project management team for a tenant improvement of ground-up build, contact us today and let’s talk.

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