February 10 2022
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8 Reasons to Hire a Construction Project Manager

If your company or organization is contemplating a move into new office space or building a new facility, before investing in design and construction, you should consider hiring a professional construction project manager. Whether you need tenant improvements made to an existing space or a complete ground-up build, a project manager is a valuable resource to help take you through the process successfully and efficiently.

What does a construction project manager do?

A construction project manager oversees the entire process from pre-planning to completion. They help ensure the structure is built properly and it includes all the elements needed to accommodate the client or company’s specific operation. The project manager begins by meeting with the tenant or building owner to determine how the space will be used and what it will need. Then, they will help pull together the team and collaborate with all involved – serving as the lead – coordinating communications and implementation for the plan between the client, the architects, general contractor and any trade vendors or subcontractors.

While one might think that a general contractor can take care of oversight on a construction project, they are responsible for the physical construction of the space, but the project manager oversees all aspects of the project.

If you are still not sure if or why you might need a project manager, here are eight reasons to consider:

     1. Keep the team informed and on task

The project manager is responsible for communications between all parties on the construction team. It is their job to keep everyone in the loop, facilitate communications in a timely manner and provide organized information to ensure everyone has what they need to get the job done.

     2. Control and monitor project costs

Hiring a project manager can result in a savings to the final cost of a project. The project manager will request bids for work and negotiate pricing. Drawing on their industry knowledge, expertise and relationships with vendors and subs can translate into direct cost savings.

     3. Save time

Enlisting the expertise of a construction project manager, leaves them to do all the heavy lifting and will free the owner or client to focus on their full-time job, while staying updated and informed on the progress.

     4. Identify and define project scope

The project manager can help the team clearly define and understand the scope for all aspects of the project. Again, this helps control project costs and keeps everyone on task – focused on executing their responsibilities.

     5. Network of relationships

An experienced project manager has developed relationships with industry experts, which they bring to the team. Once they help identify the scope and needs of the project, they can utilize their network of contacts and experts to bring together the best experience for a specific project or job.

     6. Manage the budget

Construction of any type is costly and one simple oversight or change can make a difference. A project manager will track the overall project costs including hard and soft costs to help ensure it is staying on budget.

     7. Monitor the schedule

From pre-design to planning through construction to completion – there are many facets to every project and various parties involved in each phase. A construction project manager will provide a schedule and work with the entire team to keep things on schedule to drive the project to a successful completion.

     8. Maintain quality

At each stage or phase, the project manager will review the work to ensure overall quality is maintained. This can include reviewing drawings, checking each phase of construction, being onsite during equipment and furniture installs and everything in between.

There are many facets involved with any construction project and multiple factors that can result in costly issues. While hiring a project manager does not guarantee a problem free buildout. The decision to hire a construction project manager is one of the single most important first steps to ensuring there is a point person responsible for handling any issues that may arise and delivering the project to a successful completion.

If you are considering a company move to new offices, expanding operations or in need of a new facility, contact LaunchPM to learn about our extensive experience in construction project management and how we can help you through the construction process.

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