June 24 2018
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Project Management Expertise Can Help Overcome Common Challenges Presented by a Commercial Move or Build-Out

Moving to a new location can unleash exciting  opportunities for businesses, but the process of a commercial move is fraught with potential obstacles—many of which may cause the business to incur unforeseen costs and inconveniences. Proper planning and professional guidance before, during, and after the move are the keys to minimizing the risk of problems and ensuring a seamless transition for the business and its employees.

With over 25 years of Project Management experience, the LaunchPM team has guided businesses in a variety of industries through the process of moving to a new location or retrofitting an office space.

Here are four examples of common challenges that businesses encounter during the commercial move or build-out processes—and how LaunchPM’s Project Management experience helped our clients overcome these challenges and complete their projects successfully, on time and within budget.


Challenge #1: Minimizing disruptions in business operations.

One of the biggest concerns that businesses have when relocating to a new office is that the move will result in lost productivity, technological downtime, and an impaired ability to serve customers. Therefore, minimizing disruptions in business operations is always a major challenge when coordinating a commercial move or build-out—particularly when customers rely on the business for continuous service.

LaunchPM recently assisted a technology company with downsizing its office and data center to reduce rent expenses and improve efficiency. The new office required a renovation that included demolishing existing partitions, installing new finishes, re-circuiting lighting, and more. The technology company’s core mission was to keep business critical applications running without any unplanned interruptions, so it was essential that the move and build-out were completed quickly and efficiently.

In developing a schedule for the project, the LaunchPM team ensured that the company’s office—and particularly its data center—would be moved and re-installed at a time that would have the least possible impact on operations. We also provided oversight for the design and construction processes, coordinated with the landlords, and worked with the general contractor, architect, and other vendors to keep the project running on time and within budget. Our team paid particularly close attention to the data center, which required shipping expensive equipment cross-country, installing certain cables in the new space, and adding a backup generator. Through careful planning and LaunchPM’s Project Management services, the technology company successfully moved into its new, more efficient space with minimal interruption in the services it provides to clients.


Learn more about the technology company’s move and build-out.


Challenge #2: Moving costly specialty equipment.

For businesses in industries like healthcare and technology, commercial moves typically present the need to carefully transfer large amounts of expensive specialty equipment and install the equipment in the new space. In addition to helping the company move its data center equipment, LaunchPM has worked with several medical practices as they move to new offices that will enable them to serve patients more effectively.

We were recently hired by a local nonprofit organization that strives to provide affordable, high-quality healthcare for communities in need. The organization was moving one of its health centers to a new, larger, state-of-the-art facility that would accommodate more patients and offer expanded services. The process involved transforming a gray shell space into a general medical office and moving exam tables, diagnostic equipment, x-ray machines, and other such specialty medical equipment. To ensure that the move and build-out were successful, the LaunchPM team began by assessing the organization’s needs and goals and establishing a budget and schedule. We also worked with the city to coordinate permits and to oversee the design and construction processes. Once construction was complete, we managed the moving process, ensuring that all equipment was handled with care and properly installed at the new facility.
Learn more about how LaunchPM helped the organization move to a new location that will advance the mission of serving patients in need.

Challenge #3: Strict deadlines.
In addition to the many logistical challenges of commercial moves and build-outs, businesses often contend with firm deadlines by which they must move out of an office or complete construction on a new one. LaunchPM navigated this obstacle when working with a leading orthopedic medical practice that was consolidating multiple locations into one state-of-the-art clinic.
Faced with critical deadlines for opening Phases I and II of the new clinic, the practice hired LaunchPM to manage the design and construction processes in accordance with the tight schedule. Our team took a proactive approach, immediately meeting with the city to understand which permit options would result in minimal delays. We analyzed options for flooring and finishes in an effort to expedite the schedule. Additionally, to help the practice meet its deadlines, we ensured that the budget was maintained by managing costs as the project progressed and immediately communicating overall exposure.

To read more about how LaunchPM helped the medical practice successfully move into its new facility, visit the OrthoArizona case study on our Case Studies page.

Challenge #4: Unexpected delays.

Delays inevitably arise during the process of a move or retrofitting a commercial space, but working with an experienced Project Management team can help to minimize the impact of those delays that occur. One LaunchPM client, a nutritional company that aims to enhance personal health through supplementation, had sold its existing office and needed to move out by a firm deadline. Unfortunately, however, the real estate process took longer than expected—placing the company on a tight schedule for the buildout of its new space. LaunchPM quickly assembled a team that could begin the design and construction processes to meet the company’s multi-phase occupancy requirements. We also managed every aspect of the move and build-out, which included an extensive demolition, addition of audio/visual equipment, and high-level finish requirements. Due to our team’s swift action and meticulous oversight, the first 11,000 square feet of the project were completed within two months to accommodate the rapid growth of the company’s call center. The project’s 40,780 square foot second phase was completed within six months—two weeks ahead of schedule and within budget.

To learn more, visit the Vemma Nutrition Corp. case study on our Case Studies page.
Is your organization planning a commercial move or build-out in the near future? Contact LaunchPM today to find out how our Project Management expertise can help!

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