January 04 2022
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New Project Alert: Project Management for Higher Learning

LaunchPM has extensive experience working with the healthcare industry and also with companies in higher education. A recent project for Synergis Education combines our expertise in both. Synergis Education is partnering with Alverno College to launch a new nursing program to help meet the growing demand for nurses. The program requires facilities for both classroom and hands-on training; that’s where LaunchPM steps in, and steps up.

LaunchPM is tasked with the project management on the buildout of space for their nursing programs launching in three cities. The first is in Mesa.  The LaunchPM team is converting 10,000 square feet on the 5th floor of the old Bank of America building located at 1201 S. Alma School Road and Southern.

The building is a high-rise that was originally built in the 1980s. Synergis Education and Alverno College need a space for its instructors and students  that provides an environment for both classroom instruction and simulated learning.

Office Space Transformation

The LaunchPM team enlists the necessary experts – architects, engineers, contractors – to take the existing office space and transform it into a state-of-the-art teaching facility. The first step after discovery is to outline the specific areas needed.

The plan for the space will include:

  • Reception area
  • Office space for instructors
  • Three large classrooms
  • Skills lab
  • Simulation rooms set-up to represent hospital room

Simulation rooms include state-of-the-art technology and observation areas for students and instructors to observe. It also includes audio capabilities for instruction and feedback. Lifelike mannequins will be used for real-world training as well.

Teachers or instructors will be in a control room with the ability to speak through the mannequins. A Debriefing room is included for instruction for the simulation exercises to allow instructors to review procedures and train. The skills lab is an open space that will include eight hospital beds.

Conversion of an older building to a state-of-the-art learning institution must be retrofitted to accommodate the required technology. For this project that includes both audio and video capabilities. As the project managers, we identify the equipment the space will require to ensure the electrical, access to internet and AV access is properly incorporated into the tenant improvement plan. We work directly with the utility companies as well to ensure the IT infrastructure is planned and implemented to meet the needs of the client.

During the planning stage, we work directly with our clients and enlist expertise of vendors to determine the optimal floorplan, identify and procure any furniture needed, which includes bio medical equipment; we coordinate the selection of finishes for flooring, furniture and cabinetry. As project managers, we also take care of permitting and make sure the project is meeting any compliance requirements.

Synergis is planning similar projects in Houston, Texas, Portland, Oregon and Kansas City, Missouri. The Mesa project is now under construction and targeted for completion in late February. Classes are scheduled to begin August 2022.

If you need expertise in project management for a tenant improvement or ground-up build, contact LaunchPM to learn more about our services.

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