July 05 2018
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LaunchPM Provides Project Management Services for Tech Company’s Data Center and Office Move

When moving their offices to a new location, one of the most significant obstacles that businesses face is the need to minimize disruptions to their day-to-day operations. For Stratus Technologies—a tech company that aims to keep business-critical applications running without any unscheduled downtime—ensuring continuity of operations was particularly important when they downsized their offices and data center. In order to achieve a successful move, Stratus Technologies consulted the Project Management professionals at LaunchPM. With over 25 years of Project Management experience, our team was able to quickly and successfully move Stratus’s offices, which included several pieces of expensive data center equipment, to the new location with as few disruptions as possible.


After choosing a new, smaller commercial space that would allow Stratus to boost efficiency and reduce rent expenses, the next step in the process was to retrofit the space to suit the company’s needs. The renovation involved demolishing existing walls and partitions, repairing the ceiling grid and tiles, installing new finishes, rerouting and re-circuiting lighting systems, and installing a new generator pad.

In order to keep the project running on time and within budget, LaunchPM provided oversight for the design and construction of the new offices, coordinated with landlords and vendors—such as the architect and General Contractor—and managed the budget and scheduling. Given how critical the Stratus data center is to the company’s mission, we were particularly prudent with this phase of the project. The data center in the new office would be less than half the size of the one at Stratus’s previous office, so the existing data center first needed to be dismantled and some of the equipment shipped cross-country to the company’s headquarters in Massachusetts. Before installing the remainder of the equipment in the new space, a backup generator was installed and cable wiring was guided up to the office through the building. Drawing on our extensive experience in working with costly specialty equipment, the LaunchPM team ensured that these steps were completed accurately and efficiently in order to reduce the risk of disruptions to Stratus’s technological availability.

After construction was complete and LaunchPM had overseen the closeout process, the Stratus employees were able to move into their vibrant, modern new offices. Through our comprehensive Project Management of each step in the commercial move and build-out, the project was successfully completed on a tight timeline, with minimal interruptions to Stratus’s operations. With a much smaller square footage than the previous location, the new space will fulfill the company’s goal of reducing rent and related expenses, while providing a comfortable, functional work environment as the Stratus team continues to offer reliable technological support for clients.

At LaunchPM, we specialize in providing Project Management services for organizations in a wide variety of industries, ranging from technology to healthcare to hospitality. We are committed to addressing each client’s unique needs and goals and ensuring that their commercial moves and build-outs are completed successfully, on time and within budget. Contact LaunchPM today to start formulating a plan for your project!

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